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Crelate Deliver - Master Guide
Crelate Deliver - Master Guide

The one-stop-shop for all your Deliver setup needs!

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Welcome to the Crelate Deliver setup guide! We created this guide with the intent that customers could come to one single place to get all the basics, best practices & more regarding Crelate Deliver. Even if you don't have a real job or candidate yet to place, using mock data (such as fake candidates and jobs) can be immensely helpful to visualize what you will learn.

I know what you might be thinking, 9 steps!?! This is going to take a while. Luckily for you, we have created very targeted guides to get you up to speed as fast as possible. The majority of the links below provide quick video content of roughly 3 minutes or less. You'll consider yourself a time keeping expert in no time by following the below steps in the recommended order.

  1. Enable Timekeeping! The very first step will be to enable the timekeeping module.

  2. Take a look at your Opportunity Setup. Ensure the langauge of the Temp/Temp to Hire fits your needs.

  3. As you’re getting ready to create a job, create a Worksite for the company you’ll be working with.

  4. Create your Temp/Temp Hire Job.

    1. Add a Time Card Approver (if needed) to that job.

    1. You will essentially be creating permissions for your contacts on assignment. Consider what types you’ll need for time (Standard/Over Time) and expense (Hotel/Mileage)

      1. Pro Tip – Are you likely to use the same card every time (or the majority of the time)? Simply navigate back to that Temp Hire opportunity type and add a Default Time & Expense Type. This can always be changed on the job level but would save you a step from assigning to the job each time!

  5. Set up and assign your Pay Rules.

    1. Pay Rules will allow users to create specific Bill/Pay rate changes at a defined hour and/or day thresholds. These rules can be created to cover many use cases such as daily/weekly overtime rate adjustments, weekend rates, and placement-specific rates.

  6. Place a candidate on assignment (ie. The Temp/Temp to Hire job you created)!

    1. Link that contact to an Employee License

      1. Can't find the right words to say? Leverage our premade Email Template to ensure they're kicked off with the know-how to get started. (If you don't use our template at least be sure to tell them to download the Crelate Connector)

  7. Review your Invoice Setup

    1. Much of this will be preset!

    2. However, you will need to modify things like your Billing Profile & Invoice Template

      1. Without a Billing Profile, you will not be able to send an invoice. Make sure that is set up prior to proceeding below.

  8. Next, it’s time for Billables!

    1. Use your billable view to Create a new Billable or simply claim them on an invoice.

  9. It’s now time to send an invoice!

    1. Once payment is confirmed, you may also Recognize Payments to leverage Crelate as a subledger to allow for aging and reconciliation reports..

      1. Voila! You have now gone from Crelate Deliver novice to master. Use this knowledge to continue to leverage best practices for all things Crelate Deliver.

What's Next?

We hope that this guide serves well to walk you through the foundation of all of Crelate Deliver. Should you be seeking additional content, check out all created help articles on Crelate Deliver!

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