Billable items are the individual items that make up an invoice for a customer. All items that are invoiced through Crelate must be a billable item. These items live in a billable items grid and can come from two places: They can be manually created, or flow in from Time & Expense.

  • Manual billable Items- These are billable items that you create outside of the time & expense workflow. Use these to add fees and individual items that you want to charge your customers. To create manual billable items, you have to have a billable item charge code set up. To learn more about how to create Billable Charge codes, view the article Here

  • Time & Expense Billable Items: These are items that flow directly from the Time & Expense workflow. Once time cards and/or expenses are finalized, those items will show up in your billable items grid. From here, you can view each billable item to ensure accuracy

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