Billable Charge Codes are codes that you specifically use when adding items for invoicing. There are times when users need the ability to create manual billable items to show up on an invoice, and in order to do that, you must have a billable charge code set up.

To set up:

Navigate to settings and to Billable Charge Codes

Next Select New Charge Code:

You now have these options to choose from for your Billable item. Keep in mind, you must use an existing Expense Category for your Billable Charge Codes.

You can choose whether you want to require expense notes or receipts for this charge code which can come in handy when items are being added manually.

Once you have your billable charge codes set up, you can now use these in the billable items grid within invoicing.

To use your new charge codes, navigate to the billable item grid and select new

Fill out your information for the billable item in the window, and choose the charge code that you had just created. It will automatically know the charge category, and allow you to fill out an amount and quantity below.

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