What is a Worksite and how to create one

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A worksite is physical location attached to a company where work happens. These are commonly used for placements, so the recruiters know where the job is located, and employees know where they are working. Worksites must be created prior to a Temp Hire job. Why? Because worksites are embedded into the Employee Center that candidates see when they login. As a result, to ensure they have worksite details, the worksite must first be created prior to creating your Temp Hire position. Please note, this does not pertain to Direct Hire jobs which can be created without a Worksite.

To set up a worksite, first navigate to a company record and find the worksite tab under summary.

Next, add a worksite that the customer has communicated where work will happen. In this window, you must add a name and full address of the worksite and then can add additional important information as well such as dress code, primary contact and other details such as parking etc.

What's Next?

Now that your worksite is created, begin creating your Temp Hire Job and consider adding Time Card Approvers! Also, check out our full Master Guide that services as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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