User/Contact linking is necessary in order to enter time and expenses. You can do this 2 ways.

From a contact: To link from a contact, first ensure that contact has an active email address listed. You will need an email address to link to a user. Next, navigate to the deliver tab, and then the integrations sub tab. Here you will see that your user has not been linked yet. Next, select 'Link contact to user' and verify the email is correct.

If the email address looks accurate, select create & link new employee. It is very important that you ensure this email address is correct, because you cannot undo this linking process.

From a user: Navigate to your users in the settings area of Crelate. Select the user that you want to give access to time and expense to. You will see that the user has not been linked to a contact yet. To link, simply click the link and fill out the information

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