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Recruiting Type for Jobs & Opportunities
Recruiting Type for Jobs & Opportunities
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Crelate Deliver customers will have 2 default Opportunity types of: Direct Hire & Temp Hire. These opportunity types serve as the foundation for those looking to create jobs that enable timekeeping.

To view these opportunity types, navigate to Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities.

Those customers looking to leverage Crelate's Timekeeping feature MUST use Temp/Temp to Hire. This serves as the foundation to place a contact out on an assignment and allow them to record their time. Customers may always add additional opportunity types (or customize the names of the default opportunity types). You'll just want to keep in mind the Recruitment Type will play a key role in which jobs enable timekeeping and which to not

What's Next?

Next up, after you've had a chance to review your opportunity types, is to begin creating worksites. Also, check out our full Master Guide that services as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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