In order to support Timekeeping and Invoicing, there have been changes made to the recruiting types available under Jobs & Opportunities. This will be in effect for Omni customers only, and will not affects users who only use the Sales/Recruit Module.

To view these changes, navigate to Jobs & Opportunities in Settings, and then to Opportunity Types.

There will be 2 new Opportunity types here by default with all the settings in place to hit the ground running once you have Timekeeping and Invoicing set up: Direct Hire and Temp Hire.

What is unique about these two new Opportunity types is that they use a new Recruiting type (Temp/Temp to Hire, or Direct Hire) that are smart and meant for staffing firms who are using our Deliver Module. This will give you access to a new Opportunity form and placement form with all of the appropriate fields added to support timekeeping and invoicing.

In order to utilize Timekeeping, the opportunity MUST have a recruiting type of Temp/Temp to Hire.

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