Time keeping approvals allow your customers to approve & reject time and expenses as needed through a simple approvals workflow.

This article will discuss:

Enabling Approvals:

Turning on Approvals: To start using the approvals feature, you must turn on approvals in settings. While in settings, you will see there is an option to turn approvals on.

**Please Note** you cannot turn on approvals if you have active assignments using the temp hire recruiting type.

Approvals required: This means that you are requiring all jobs to have an approver, and each time and expense (outside of internal charge codes) will go through the approval workflow.

Approvals Due On: Here you can choose when the approvals are due on. Choose the option that matches your internal workflow the closest. Notifications will be determined based on this due on date.

Approvals Due on Time: Here you can choose what time of day that the approvals are due on. Notifications will be determined based on the time that you set.

Once you have turned on approvals, you need to set up approvers on your jobs that are eligible for timekeeping.

Setting up contacts to be approvers:

Contact Type: Navigate to a contact record of a contact that you would like to be an approver. Select the contact type drop down and then select the Time Approver Contact Type. You will want to do this will all contacts that you want to be approvers for in the system. Contacts may be more than one Contact Type and still be a Time Approver.

Contact Linking: At the time the first approval email gets sent, Crelate automatically creates a user for this approver. You will see this linking happen on the contact record if you navigate to a contact profile and then Deliver | integrations. There is no action necessary here, but it is good to be aware which contacts have successfully been linked.

Set Approvers on Job Orders: Next, Navigate to a job order to find the Time Card Approver field by selecting Edit/Add. Select which contact you would like to be the approver on this job. All assignments created from this job, will have this person as the approver.

Approval Experience:

Approval Email: Once your workers start submitting their time cards and expenses, your approver will receive an email to approve.

Approvers simply need to click on the link that says "Go To Approval Center" and it will route them to approve or reject time and expenses that have been submitted. From this email, your approvers can also update their notification preferences.

Approving Time and Expense:

When the approvers select the email link, they are routed to the Approval Portal. Here they are able to approve or reject time and expenses. If rejecting, there is an option to leave a note, so the employee can fix their time and resubmit it. Once each item has been approved or rejected, users can close the portal and will get a new link when there are additional items to approve.

Note: This is a log-in free experience, and there is no need to save the link as approvers will get a new link each time there are items to approve.

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