To Create an Invoice within Crelate, you must first navigate to the Invoicing grid. Select the 'Create Invoices' button in the menu bar to open the creation dialog.

Next, you'll choose how you want to generate your invoices. You can generate them by customer, by order, or by employee.

After you choose how you want to generate invoices, you can select which billable items should be included. You can choose items for a specific company, choose a date range, or just pull all available billable items into this invoice run. You get a preview of how many items will be available to be invoiced in the bottom left of the screen.

Please keep in mind, that if you have billable items in your billable item grid that are ready to be invoiced, but do not see those items available in this window, then you may be missing a billing profile on the company record.

Once you have selected the parameters to generate the invoices, hit 'Create Invoice' to create them!

Once the invoices have been created, they will be in draft mode. You can access them by selecting the 'draft' quick filter tile, or by viewing the items in the grid. When an invoice is in draft mode, you are able to edit it, add and remove billable items, and add discounts to it.

Once all edits have been made, and the invoice looks ready to send, you can send it 1 of 2 ways.

  1. From the Invoice Record: Open up the draft invoice and on the summary tab, you will see an email invoice activity button. Select this to send this invoice by email.

  2. In Bulk- Choose the invoices that you want to send from the grid, and click the 'Send Invoices' button in the menu bar. You will have the ability to send all draft invoices, by company or by invoice. You can also choose a date range to send drafts from. When you send invoices in this way, it uses the bulk invoice email template that you set up in settings.

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