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Contractor Email Template Example
Contractor Email Template Example

Looking for an initial email template to kick off to your newly started contractor? Look no further!

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We have run into requests from all of you to add a sample template that can be used to introduce new temps or contractors to Crelate's timekeeping experience. For those of you looking to gather guides and details to ensure their transition is seamless, look no further than our email template example below!

Hi {Insert First Name},

We're excited to have you start your assignment and wanted to discuss details to ensure you're prepared to log time & expense entries. You should have just received an email (please check your spam if you don't see anything) inviting you to your employee portal. The portal is accessible via desktop and mobile (Google Play Store & App Store).

Once you've logged in, there is a short Training Guide to ensure you understand the basics. It should be easy to use and the guide can be a great resource for any questions. Thanks so much and we look forward to continuing to work with you.

What's Next?

Still need more on timekeeping before getting an employee setup? Learn how to invite an employee to the employee center.

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