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Tracking Individual Email Opens
Adding an Email Connection
Excluding Emails for Email Journaling
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Adding your Email Signature
Using HTML in your Email Signature
Adding Images in your Email Signature
Creating & Editing Email Templates
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Email Journaling - Office 365 Set Up
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Email Campaign Statuses
How to View your Campaign limits
Office 365 and Microsoft Graph Technical Requirements
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Using Shared Email Connection
Bulk Email Limits
BCC An Email to Crelate
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Adding Attachments to Campaign Emails
Office 365 Exchange Web Services Requirements and Troubleshooting
Adding an SMTP Connection
Ensuring Domain Verification
Clean Formatting
Deleting and Re-Adding your Email Connection
Creating and Sending an Email Campaign
Editing a Calendar Invitation
Changing Your Default Email Connection
Filtering and Sending a Campaign from Job Dashboard
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Win-Win: Smaller Email Attachments
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