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Google & Yahoo Spam Criteria
Google & Yahoo Spam Criteria
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Google and Yahoo have announced that starting February 2024, they will implement stricter spam filtering criteria, focusing on enhancing security and authentication to combat phishing and spam. We are here to keep you notified of these changes simply because you may be sending bulk emails to operate your business.

Impact on Bulk Email Sends

Businesses must ensure that their bulk email sending and marketing campaigns are compliant with the upcoming standards to maintain their ability to reach customers’ inboxes effectively.

These adjustments will require more:

  • Enhanced Compliance: Businesses will need to ensure their email-sending practices are up to par with the new authentication requirements.

  • Focused Reputation Management: There will be an increased need to monitor and cultivate their domain and sender reputations meticulously.

  • Quality Content: Always aim for email content that is engaging, relevant, and valuable to the recipients to maintain high engagement rates.

Using Crelate to Your Advantage

There are several ways to have Crelate be a tool for you to soften the impact of some of these new requirements.

Enrich your contact records to ensure the most up-to-date information you would need to have access to.

Easily create specific email campaigns and track campaign data to ensure the proper send rate.

Like with email campaigns, you can track the data of your sequences and how they are performing.

Crelate's list tool can be used to organize different groups within your contacts. Well-segmented lists are key to reducing spam rates.

Personalized emails are key to reducing spam rates when sending bulk emails. Check out the 'Insert Data' tool when creating your email templates and let your contact data and template do the work for you!

Track your Activity Types with a report for bulk email sends

**Need to purchase an add-on above or increase your limits? Contact us at

Next Steps to Consider

Whether this impacts you directly now, in the future, or not even at all...steps to creating a better emailing experience are necessary. Here are some best practices to begin preparing for these changes:

  • Review and Update Email Campaigns

  • Review and Clean-Up Contact Lists

  • Invest in Sourcing and Enrichment Tools

  • Strategize Creative Ways to Boost Engagement

  • Monitor Email Campaign/Sequencing Data

Other Spam-Avoiding Best Practices

  • We recommend not purchasing email lists.

  • Validate your email list with an email validation tool.

  • Ensure recipients have 'opted in' to your communications.

  • Check your Content Maturity i.e. don't send emails with lots of !!! or ALL CAPS, etc...

  • Attachments are generally "bad" -- so be weary sending attachments

  • Avoid "Spam Words or Phrases" like "free, guarantee, no obligation"

  • Check spelling and grammar.

  • Avoid "keyword stuffing" i.e. repeatedly using the same keyword or phrase where the overuse affects content readability.

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