Sequencing is the ability to set up personalized workflows that consist of manual steps at scale. These steps are then presented to your users, just at the right moment and with the right information to maximize efficiency and the decision-making process. Sequencing takes a user’s prospects (candidate or client) and lays out the user-specific tasks at the exact right moment to maximize engagement.

  1. Getting Started

  2. Setting up your Sequences

  3. Adding Contacts to a Sequence

  4. Managing your To-Do List

  5. Stopping/Removing Contacts from a Sequence

  6. Sequence Reporting

  7. Viewing Sequences for Contacts

Getting Started

In order to utilize Sequencing, you will need to be an Admin, or your User Role must be granted access. To grant access to non-admin users, you can navigate to Settings | User Roles, and toggle the Sequences privilige to the desired setting.

Below is a breakdown of each privilege for Sequencing.

Setting up your Sequences

If Sequencing has not been pinned to your Left Navigation menu, navigate to All Areas and select Sequencing.

Next, select Sequences | New Sequence.

From here, you can name your sequence, write a description, share it with other users, and add your steps! All fields with the red asterisk * are required.

When adding your steps, you will have 4 Action options.

  1. Send Email

  2. Phone Call

  3. Send Text Message

  4. Task

Each Action (excluding Send Text Message) will have the ability to regard a specific opportunity. You will also have the ability to use email templates, along with creating the text message that you wish to send.

You will also have Timing options for each action. Timing is the delay between the previous step to the next step.

For Ownership of the Action, you can choose the initiating user (the user who adds the contact into the sequence), a specific user, the primary owner of the contact, or the primary owner of the contacts company.

**Please note that a sequence can no longer be modified once a contact has been added**

Adding Contacts to a Sequence

**A contact can be added to more than one sequence at a time**

You can add a contact to a sequence by opening a created sequence and navigating to Contacts | Add Contacts.

**You may also add contacts to a Sequence from the Contacts Tab, directly on a Contact Record, an Opportunity on the Home Page, and from Search**

Managing your To-Do List

As you enroll contacts into a sequence, the action items will create your To-Do list. You can manage your To-Do list by navigating to Sequencing | To-Do or directly from your Task & Events.

After completing a Task or Phone Call on your To-Do List, you will be prompted to select a result.

Phone Calls have four result options. No Answer and Left Voicemail will continue the sequence. Interested and Not Interested will end the sequence in a positive or negative result.

Tasks have three result options. None will continue the sequence. Positive and Negative will end the sequence with a positive or negative result.

Stopping/Removing Contacts from a Sequence

To remove a contact from a Sequence, navigate to the Sequence in question and select Contacts | Select the Contact(s) in question | Stop/Remove.

Stopping a sequence will pause any future actions from being created, but the contact will still show as added. You will also need to choose a disposition for the outstanding tasks that are still open.

You will also be able to reactivate a stopped sequence at any time.

Removing will remove the contact from the sequence entirely and no future actions will be created. All history of the sequence will also be deleted from the contact's history. You will not be able to recover the sequence data after removing.

Sequence Reporting

As you complete actions and select positive and negative dispositions. you will be able to track your success directly from the Sequence.

Viewing Sequences for Contacts

By navigating to a contact record and selecting Sequencing, you will quickly be able to see all of the sequences the contact has been added to.

What's Next?

Learn more about setting up Custom Activities below!

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