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How to use and enable Contact Data Enrichment to begin sourcing for the most up to date contact details

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Crelate's Contact Data Enrichment tool is a powerful sourcing feature enabling customers to enrich profiles to collect additional contact details such as phone number, email address, employer and more. With just a few clicks using both the Chrome Extension and directly within a contact's profile in your database, you'll be able to unlock rich details for over 2.5 billion unique individuals you're looking to engage. This feature is available as an add-on for all Business and higher subscribers.

This guide will cover:

Getting Started

To begin, customers may purchase Contact Data Enrichment by Connecting with Crelate Support. For more details on plan information, please review our Contact Data Enrichment Plans & Pricing guide.


There are specific requirements of using Contact Data Enrichment surrounding required data points.

  • 1st Option: Single parameter (use one of the following)

    • Profile (Facebook or LinkedIn)

    • Phone

    • Email

  • 2nd Option: Accompanying First + Last Name + one of the following

    • Address

    • Current Position & Company

    • Education & School

**Please note** there may be a scenario in which the above fields are fulfilled but do not allow for a match. This may occur if the contact, based on the information given, cannot be found and thus not updated (depicted below). Should this occur, we recommend adding a LinkedIn URL to the profile for the best success rate.

You also might be asking, why these requirements? We wish to ensure the data you're updating is the most fully accurate it can be. For example, if all you have listed is the name John Smith, the tool may not know which of the the thousands of John Smith’s you're looking for to ensure the data it’s populating is accurate. As a result, we list several requirements and best practices. Essentially, the more you give the tool to work with, the better the results are likely to be. However, using something public such as a LinkedIn URL is a great way to get started!

Enriching within the Chrome Extension

Once you've selected your plan and understood the requirements, you may begin using Contact Data Enrichment both within a contact record and within Crelate's Chrome Extension. To begin, navigate to your Chrome Extension to parse a profile. For more details on the basics of using Chrome Extension, please check out our Full Guide.

Once you've selected Parse, you'll notice the ability to Enrich within the extension.

Enriching will source contact, social, and demographic information for over 2.5 billion unique individuals. You'll notice new details may populate within the contact record and an Enriched activity will display in your contact activity feed. The Enriched activity will allow you to review added work history, contact address, previous company details and much more. You'll notice some fields will parse to the contact profile, while others may not. As a result of Crelate, by default, not supporting all listed fields, it may be recommended as a best practice to consider adding additional custom fields to copy and paste information over if you would like it more prominently listed on the contact details.

Enriching within the Contact Record

Within a contact record, select the This Contact menu and then select Enrich.

This will consume a credit and display the contact dialogue. After selecting Save you'll then be brought back to the contact record to review added details as well as the Enrich activity.

Bulk Contact Enrichment

You may also bulk enrich up to 50 contacts at one time! Please click HERE for a complete overview on Bulk Enrichment

To begin, navigate to Contacts or a Job Dashboard and select a group of contacts you'd like to enrich. Once selected, use the Selected Contacts drop-down and select Enrich Contacts and then approve the Terms of Service.

From Contacts:

From a Job Dashboard:

The next view will display a review of all contacts, including newly mapped fields.

In this view, you will have the option to Save All, Skip, and Save & Next:

  • Save All: all new data found for all records will be saved and contacts will be updated.

  • Skip: no found data will be added and saved to the contact. No changes will be made to the contact record.

  • Save & Next: all data for the contact that is mapped (on the left) will be updated on the contact record and you will move down to the next record.

**After Skipping or selecting Save & Next, you will not be able to go back and edit your results for that contact**

Contact Data Enrichment Data Pre-Match

When enriching a contact record, users may be presented with an invalid dialog. This dialog is part of the Field Validation process for Email/Phone/Website when starting an Enrichment. If any Email/Phone/Website fields appear invalid, the user will be notified that they will not be used for Contact Enrichment matching.

**Please Note- a credit will be consumed at this point**

Contact Data Enrichment Artifact

Contact data enrichments will create a new Enrichment Artifact in Contact Documents allowing users to view and download the raw enrichment data.

Enabling for Non-Admin Users

In order for non-admin users to utilize Contact Data Enrichment, you will need to grant them access via Settings | User Roles.

What's Next?

If you'd like more information regarding plans & credits for Contact Data Enrichment, take a look at our guide below.

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