Creating and Deleting a List
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A list may be created from anywhere you have the ability to highlight a group of contacts. As discussed in our article Differentiating a List from a Query a list is a collection of records that are manually added. Often this is thought of as a "static" list. For example, contacts or candidates are manually added and removed from the list.

Creating a List

You can create lists for Contacts, Companies, and or Jobs. To create a list, select a group of candidates you would like to add. Up top, Crelate will tell you how many contacts you have selected.

From there, select the drop down which will give you the option to add a new list or select from an existing one.

Finding Your List

To access a list, go to the Record Grid (ex. Contacts) | Select the Drop down | Scroll to Lists.

Delete or Rename a List

To delete or rename that list, select the cog wheel in the top right-hand corner.

From there you'll have the option to delete, add, rename, and share with other users.

What's Next?

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