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Enabling your Job Portal and Publishing Jobs
Enabling your Job Portal and Publishing Jobs
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Crelate provides a customized job portal experience allowing applicants to apply directly to published positions. Job publishing extends both to integration options with your website (covered below) as well as 3rd part job boards.

This article will cover:

  • Enabling your Portal and Basic Setup

  • Advanced Portal Setup

  • Publishing Jobs and Viewing your Portal

Enabling your Portal and Basic Setup

To enable your portal, simple navigate to Settings | Basic Setup | Enable Portal and click Yes. Additionally, below you may also enable Job Board Publishing. For more information on Job Board Publishing, please navigate here: Organic Job Board Publishing + Sponsored Job Posting.

Once enabled, you may customize the look and feel of your portal, such as adding your logo, changing the color scheme, and adding text to your portal.

To upload your Logo, simply click on "Select File" and choose the logo you want to upload. For best results, choose an image that is 64px in height and no wider than 700px.

Pro Tip: To receive a preview of what your portal will look like, hover your mouse over the Portal Colors section and view the preview pane to the right.

Portal Settings - Advanced Setup

There are many other items you can figure for the portal such as application requirements, portal layout and email notifications.. We'll highlight a few commonly used options below.

For a detailed walk-through of each item, please take a look at our article here: Advanced Setup

Pro Tip: For full contextual reference about each item, hover your mouse and view the breakdown to the right hand side.

Publishing Jobs and Viewing your Portal

To begin, navigate to a job record and select the Publish icon in the top right.

This will allow the publish section to slide in from the right. There are 4 required fields to publish a position: Title, Employer Name, Location and Description. **Please Note** you cannot publish a position without these 4 fields filled in. Once you've copied in your description, select Next.

Next, you'll see a dialogue for Additional Publishing Details including:

  • EEOC Job Classification: For reporting and EEOC Management

  • Salary or Range: For compensation details

  • Job Category: Used by some job boards to categorize job orders

  • Tags: Portal Tags allow you to categorize jobs on your portal page

  • Portal Visibility: To determine how this is shown on your portal. Note: Selecting hidden means that the job will not be shared to the portal or to job boards.

  • Portal URL Slug: Setting a URL Slug can help boost the visibility of your posted listing with search engines.

  • Remote Type: Added to indicate if a position is remote

Once you've moved to the final step, your job has now been published to your portal.

1. Review your job as it's been published to your job portal

2. Select if you'd like to submit this job the the free job boards (Crelate's Free Job Board Policies)

3. Select if you'd like to Sponsor this position to guarantee syndication (Sponsor a Job)

4. Share this job via social media

To view your portal, simple navigate to:

What's Next?

Looking for integrations with your website? Check out additional content below!

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