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Why are my jobs not showing on some of the job boards?
Why are my jobs not showing on some of the job boards?

And how long does it take posted jobs to show up?

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Why are some of my jobs now showing up on job boards?


In Crelate, you have the option to make your jobs available to job boards on the web. Most job boards require 24-48 hours to include your jobs on their boards.

**Please Note** Each job Board governs how and when they publish jobs based on their policies and business model.

If you do not see your Job Published on the free boards, first check to make sure your portal settings are configured properly, as well as ensuring that your Job is properly published Article: How to publish a job. Ultimately, because jobs are published at the discretion of the free job boards, your job may not be published based on their internal policies. Unfortunately, at Crelate we have no control over these policies.
Often the free job boards will not post jobs from recruitment and staffing agencies for free. They do, however, have paid/sponsorship options available to you, and based on your relationship with those job boards they may also include your jobs in their organic feed. Please note these policies apply to all applicant tracking systems and are not specific to Crelate.

To guarantee job posting, we recommend having a direct sponsored account with that vendor.

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