July 2023 - What's New
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With our July release, we bring updates based on your direct feedback and a few newly released features. Select the links below to jump to a unique feature.

Crelate Recruit

Crelate Deliver (Omni)

🎁You Asked, We Delivered

Ability to Mention Internal Users NEW:

We are beyond excited and proud to fulfill our customers' most requested item, as voted on in Hellonext!

You can now mention other users by simply typing "@" followed by their name (e.g., "spoke with @John Smith"). Upon being mentioned, users will receive a notification in the app, complete with a hyperlink directly to the activity.

Individual notification settings can easily be managed in Profile & Preferences > Notifications > Mention Settings.


  • Numerous new ways to sort and filter data for every single endpoint so you can get the data you care about with fewer calls and smaller payloads. No more pulling every Contact to find that one record you need!

  • Simplification of the 'in and out' of the data using an Entity-Oriented design philosophy. This enables us to implement each Entity's endpoints functionality consistently with improved baseline functionality and fewer "one-off" endpoints.

Indeed Vetting & Screener Questions NEW:

Once the Indeed vetting process is complete, there will be a new drop-down during job publishing that will allow you to choose which company to post on behalf of.

For more information on this process, check out our Help Article.

When the new Indeed Job Board setting is activated, every opportunity published on Indeed will automatically include the corresponding Crelate Application Form and all information provided will flow back into Crelate, appearing as an Application Form on the candidate's record.

Pay Rules (BETA) NEW:

This will allow users to create specific Bill/Pay rate changes at a defined hour and/or day thresholds. These rules can be created to cover many use cases such as daily/weekly overtime rate adjustments, weekend rates, and placement-specific rates.

You Asked, We Delivered (DCRs):

Additional Functionality in Search NEW:

Users can now directly act on Companies and Opportunities from the search grid. This empowers users with greater flexibility to filter their search results and conveniently perform actions on the rendered results.

Other Goodies:

Regarding Notes on Contacts Update

  • This enhancement simplifies the activity creation process and ensures that activities are automatically linked to the most pertinent job opportunities

Invoice Template Email Sender

  • You now have the ability to select the specific email address from which your invoicing templates will be sent.

Import Data+ | New Identifier Key for Companies

  • This allows you to utilize "Phone Number" as the update identifier when importing companies. This was a highly requested item in Hellonext.

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