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Learn about how to create and send your Invoicing Template

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In Crelate, you have the capability to customize an email template that you would like used for your invoices. Utilizing Crelate's mail merging feature, you can add a number of fields to pull data into these emails that will be customized depending on the customer you are sending them to.

To start, navigate to Settings | Invoice Email Template to begin.

In order to set up a default email address to send invoices from, select the magnifying glass to choose from an available address or select Setup Sender Addresses if none exist. This will allow you to add an email address and choose that you want it to be available to send invoices from. If you do not have any available Sender Addresses, you will be required to Set One Up in order to send an invoice. Sender Addresses use the email addresses that you have set up for Email Campaigns. In order to send invoices out of Crelate, Email Campaigns will need to be set up.

**Please Note: You do not need to use the same Sender Address for each invoice. You will have the ability to choose which sending address you wish to use with each invoice you send**

A few common mail merge fields we see customers use:

  • Client | Name

  • Invoice | Balance

  • Invoice | Invoice Number

  • Invoice | Due On

Below is an example of how one may choose to use these mail merge fields. Don't forget! In the image below, using option number 1 can also allow you to add mail merge fields within your subject line while option number 2 will control mail merge fields within the body of your email.

What's Next?

With your invoicing template setup, take a moment to review all invoice settings via our full Crelate Invoicing Guide. Also, check out our full Master Guide that serves as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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