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What is the activity "Regarding" field?
What is the activity "Regarding" field?

Explanation of the activity Regarding field and how it's used

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What is the activity "Regarding" field?


The activity "Regarding" field is what relates the activity to a specific opportunity and also a company record.

For example, if we were interviewing Joseph Guy for a CSM opportunity for ABC Company, this would be the opportunity to add to the Regarding field for the Interview activity.

When you Regard an opportunity for an activity, that activity will populate on both the Parent Record (in this case, Joseph Guy's Contact Record) and also the opportunity record (ABC Company - CSM).

On top of this, since ABC Company is the Company Record for this opportunity, the Interview will also populate on the ABC Company Record as well.

Regarding Field Logic:

The auto default regarding functionality will consider only active jobs where the candidate is not in a Done status. By fine-tuning the auto default regarding feature, we eliminate potential confusion and unnecessary associations with completed or irrelevant jobs. This enhancement simplifies the activity creation process and ensures that activities are automatically linked to the most pertinent job opportunities.

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