FAQ- Limits for Sequencing

This guide will discuss all of the limits for Sequencing

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  1. How many total sequences, contacts enrolled, and steps per sequence can I have as an organization and what plans include Sequencing?

  2. How many emails can be sent via sequencing per day and month?

  3. Why are bulk email and sequencing email related?


1. Sequencing is included via our Business Plus & Enterprise subscriptions. Our Business subscription does include a free trial.

For Business users:

  • 1 Active sequence per organization

  • Up to 3 steps per sequence

  • Up to 100 active contacts in a sequence at a time

  • No limit on users who can use sequencing

Business Plus and Enterprise users include Sequencing L1:

  • 50 Active sequences per organization (unlimited inactive sequences)

  • Up to 15 steps per sequence

  • Up to 500 active contacts in a sequence at a time

  • No limit on users who can use sequencing

When a sequence is no longer needed, you can mark it as Inactive, which will free up another Active space for a new sequence.

2. Your sequencing email limit is based on your Bulk Email Limit. Each user has a Bulk Email Limit of 400 emails per day, with a total limit of 2,500 per month. Please note that if you send bulk emails via Crelate, this will affect how many sequencing emails you can send since the limits are shared.

**If you send bulk emails via Crelate but want to save the limit for Sequencing, a good alternative will be to use Email Campaigns as this limit is not related to Bulk Email Limits**

3. We want to ensure high levels of deliverability and create a favorable experience for you as a sender. As a result, emails sent within a Sequence will be sent from your email and your server. This keeps deliverability high and makes the setup process extremely easy (as there is none!). That said, we have limits in place to protect your email and ensure users do not exceed email limits beyond standard thresholds set by your email provider.

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