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How to Link a Contact and User to Create an Employee License
How to Link a Contact and User to Create an Employee License
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User & Contact linking is necessary in order to enter time & expenses. Connecting the two together will allow the Employee to access credentials to a unique portal in which they can log time & expense You can do this 2 primary ways.

  1. When Placing that Candidate

    1. When moving a candidate to a Placed or Hired stage, you'll first be prompted to fill in the detail of that Placement.

      1. Upon selecting Next, users will then have the ability to Link Contact to User. Doing so will allow the ability to connect that employee to their record and send them credentials to access their Employee Center.

  2. From a contact: To link from a contact, first ensure that contact has an active email address listed. You will need an email address to link to a user. Next, navigate to the Deliver tab and then select Integrations. Here you will see that your user has not been linked yet. Next, select Link contact to User and verify the email is correct.

    1. If the email address looks accurate, select create & link new employee. It is very important that you ensure this email address is correct, because you cannot undo this linking process.

What's Next?

With your Employee linked, don't forget to have them download our Crelate Connector app. This will grant them the ability to easily log time directly from our mobile app. Also, check out our full Master Guide that services as a one-stop-shop for all things Crelate Deliver!

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