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What is the Employee Center and an Employee's experience logging time?

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The employee center is an area for employees to enter their time and view their assignments. This is an extension of your organization with a limited view for employees that enter time. Contacts must be linked to an employee user to have access to the employee center (more on that here). Once a contact and user are linked, they can log in and utilize the employee center.

There are three tabs in the employee center. One for home, one for time, and one for assignments.

  • Mobile:

  • Desktop:

  • Home: This is where employees can see if they have any late or rejected time cards. They will also be able to see their active assignments.

  • Time: This is where employees create new time cards and expenses. From this page they can make edits, save, and submit time and expenses as well. Employees create time cards from the delivery types they have access to, therefore there is 1 time card per delivery type.

    To save time, employees can copy their previous pay period as well! This should greatly reduce the time required to log time on the first day of each Pay Period. Please note that selecting this option will add the Time Cards to the Timesheet, however, users are still required to Save before the newly added Time Cards will persist.

  • Assignments: In this tab, employees will have a limited view of the assignment they are currently on. They can view crucial details such as the company they are working for, start date, estimated end date, and pay rate. They also have access to the worksite address that they will be working at, along with a primary contact on the job if you choose to list one.

What's Next?

With the employee experience outlined, feel free to share this content as a part of a welcome email in your onboarding process. For more information on assigning Charge Codes to allow Employees the permission to log time & expense, review our guide below!

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