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How to Create Artifact Types

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Artifacts have multiple layers of access options to help you create the right level of privacy within your company. A user role will need access to the record to see or create an Artifact Type.

Click for more detailed information on User Roles

Create an Artifact Type

Creating an Artifact Type follows a similar configuration as creating a Document Type. Click for a detailed guide on creating a Document Type

To create an Artifact Type go to Settings > Documents

If you have a document that you would like to promote to an Artifact, select that document from the grid. If you want to create a new Artifact click on the plus sign.

Fill in the necessary fields, and then click Promote to Advanced Type. You will see a confirmation prompt confirming that this promotion is a permanent action, Click Continue.

Note: This action cannot be undone, if you are unsure click Cancel and then create a new Document Type which can be promoted to Advanced Type.

When you have promoted your document to an Advanced Document Type you will have access to additional settings.

These settings include:

  • Fields: Customize Fields… This is where you can decide what information fields you want captured for this Artifact Type. You will have options to select from system fields to build your Artifact Type.

  • Artifacts require verification: This will enable the verification workflow for your Artifacts.

  • Artifacts can expire: This will enable the ability to capture an expiration date for your Artifacts.

  • Artifacts are saved in restricted storage: This will designate that your Artifact Type contains sensitive data. Setting to Yes will separate your Artifact Type from other Artifacts and store the data in a separate data storage location. Artifacts with this association are not included by default in a full database backup and cannot be full-text searched on.

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