Creating A Document Type

How to create, edit and delete a document type

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Creating/Editing/Deleting Document Types

Users can create Document types within their Crelate organization. Organizations may have up to ten different document types, with two document types relatable with Job and Company records. Resumes, are automatically set as the default document type for Contact records. The Resume document type is the only document type that is protected from deletion. Only Administrators may create new Document types.

To create a new document types, navigate to Settings and then click on the Documents tile. A slider will appear on the right side of the screen showing the currently available Document types. Click on the green plus sign (Add New Document Type) and the slider will update to show editable fields.

The Name and Plural Name fields are the visible labels for the Document type. The Color can be set by using the palate or manually entering a hexadecimal format. Users can then associate which types of records the Document type is associated with. **Please Note** Document Types are set to no records upon creation) After customizing the Document Type, click Save and refresh the browser.

To edit a Document Type, simply highlight the desired Document item and edit the fields. When finished, click Save and refresh the browser. After refreshing, the Document Type details will update throughout your Crelate organization.

To delete a Document Type, highlight the desired Document item and then click the red minus sign (Delete the Selected Document Type). Click Save and then refresh the browser. That document type will no longer be available within your Crelate organization. Documents previously labeled that Document Type will default to a generic Document Type.

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