Master Guide - Artifacts

Everything you need to know about understanding and using Artifacts for your business!

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What is an Artifact?

Artifacts are building blocks within Crelate designed to help you create and maintain best practices for your business. You can think of an Artifact as the outcome of a process. These are information items within Crelate that can be customized to capture important details needed to complete a variety of workflows. Like a standard document, an Artifact can include an attached file but it does not need one because it can also be used to capture and store information as a form. An Artifact can be attached to records and workflows to keep track of important information where you need to see it. They can also be configured to have verification steps, include an expiration date, and can be saved in restricted storage to keep sensitive data private.

An Artifact can be any kind of stored information, it will ultimately depend on how you would like to use them. They are intentionally open-ended and flexible, but still easy to use!

Examples to help get you started:

  • Compliance verification such as an I9 Form

  • Contact Credential Management such as active licensing or certifications

  • Information with expiration dates such as contracts

  • Terms and Conditions acknowledgement such as intellectual property rights

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