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Send and Review Form Requests
Send and Review Form Requests

How to send request forms to contacts and review the status.

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There are several different ways to send a new Form Request in Crelate. Once the Form Request has been sent you can also review request details, status, or set and expire your request. For more information on how to create Form Requests, see HERE.

Sending a New Form Request

There are three primary ways to send a new form request in Crelate.

Send from a Contact

From the contact record, you will want to select the drop down menu found in the top of your screen for This Contact.

Once you select the option for Send Form Request you will be prompted to select a 'Form Template' and type and optional message

Template options will include All Forms or All Document Types. Pro Tip: you can only select one form or one document type here. If you need to include both, consider adding a 'document type' question to your activity form. Once you have selected your form and written the optional message, you can hit send to launch the request to the contacts primary email.

Send Via Email

Sending a Form Request via email is a great option if you need to send to an email other than the primary or if you would like to send more than one form request at a time.

From the contact record, choose the blue email icon to initiate your email. In the email, there is an 'other actions' section where you can click to include a form request.

Pro Tip: you can request multiple forms or documents but only one of each type, per email. A new activity will be added to the stream for each unique request link you have added to the email.

Send Via Email Template

Sending a Form Request with an email template is a great option if you plan to make the same form request time and time again. In order to send a form request using a template, you will first need to create an email template.

Using the Insert Data option, you can add form request links.

From the contact record, choose the blue email icon to initiate your email. In the email, all templates will be located to the right of your screen. Select the template with your form request and send!

Pro Tip: you can only send templates with a form request to individual contacts. It is not possible to send form requests in a bulk email.

Reviewing a Form Request

Once the Form Request has been sent out, an activity is added to the contact record. This activity will update as the status changes. You can use the activity to check the status, see additional details, or even expire an incomplete request. You may even pin this activity to the top of the stream to keep an eye on progress. You can also enable notifications to be notified when a request has been completed.

In addition, a document placeholder is also added to the contacts Documents pane. Clicking into the placeholder will open the Form Request Activity until is has been completed.

Activity Details

Double clicking the Form Request activity will open the requests details. Details to be found here include a timeline for when the request was sent, seen, and completed. Additionally, you can find information on which form or document was requested, who requested it, and any message that was sent along with the request. Probably most important, there is a direct link for the request that can be copied and shared as needed. Keep in mind, a new activity will be generated for each form or document requested.

Expiring your Form Request

A Form Request can only be expired if it has not already been completed by the recipient. To expire, you will need to open the activity and make this selection. Keep in mind, deleting the activity from the stream does not expire the link.

What's Next?

If you need to review how to create a Form Request, take a look below. You may also want to explore how to add new document types.

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