Email templates allow you to quickly pull in messaging that can be sent to one or a group of contacts in your database. Crelate's email templates allow you to pull in mail merge fields (such as "Contacts First Name") to easily allow you to generate personal responses to the contact that you are emailing.

Creating a new template

To start, select your navigation menu and select "Your Profile & Preferences"

Afterwards, you'll want to navigate to the My Templates section followed by the plus sign.

After making that selection, the New Email Template dialogue will appear. You can type the subject and body of the email template, as well as indicate the From and To. When editing the Subject and Body, you can use predetermined slugs, or "Mail Merge" fields, that will automatically fill in information depending on the email recipient and sender. (For example, Contact's First Name). For the To and From line, you'll have control over which user will be sending the email as well as who should receive (such as "Contact's Primary Email").

When creating a template you will also have option to share with other users (#2 below) and tag your templates (#1 below). In the middle of the screen will appear a slider option to share with your team or keep the template private.

You’ll have the option to categorize each template by utilizing Tags. Template Tags allow you to manage and find your template easily from a contact record. You’ll see each template listed under “All” and will have the ability to filter down by specific tag category.

When sending an email, frequently used templates will appear on the right. You can also click on More Templates to use tags to filter to the template that you want.

What's Next?

With your templates created, see how you can send individual and campaign emails!

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