User Security for Email Campaigns

Enabling or Removing Access for your Team to Send Email Campaigns

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Each user in Crelate has a designated user role. Roles provide the ability for administrators to limit and control the experience of their users (see User Roles).

This article will discuss the following:

  • The ability to control which users have permissions to send email campaigns.

  • The ability to set which users, for those users that do have access, what their sending address is. **Please Note** This step is required before you and your team may send email campaigns.

User Role Permissions

Administrative users for your Crelate organization may assign permissions to each user role for Email Campaigns.

For email campaigns, non-admin users will have none, read, create, or full view options.

  • None: Users with this role cannot use Email Campaigns at all.

  • Read: Users with this role can use Email Campaigns but are limited to just view only within a contact record. No edits can be made and no emails can be sent.

  • Create: Users with this role can use Email Campaigns, including creating and editing the title, lists of people, and the email itself. Users with this role can also send Email Campaigns.

  • Full: Users with this role can use Email Campaigns fully, which includes the ability to delete Email Campaigns.

Email Campaign Sender Addresses

Additionally, you have the option to allow for multiple users to send a campaign on behalf of the same email address. If you have an email (for example: that you'd like to give multiple users to send an email address on behalf of, you may add that via the screen shot below. Please note: This does need to be a valid email address in order to send an email.

Once established, you may select which users or which user roles, have permission to send on behalf of that address.

To select alternate addresses, simply select your address in the 'from' line to see available options.

What's Next?

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