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Searching and Filtering via Email Campaigns
Searching and Filtering via Email Campaigns

How to search based on Email Campaign statuses

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With Email Campaigns, you can create an advanced Search using criteria from your campaigns such status, date range etc.

You can create this search using the Search function above your homepage, where can add an advanced filter of "Email Campaigns" to your search.

Once your Email Campaign filter is added, there are multiple options to filter through.

  • Campaign name: To filter by a specific campaign email

  • Last Status: By the last status in which the email last completed (additional info below)

  • Regarding: To choose by a regarding job on campaign sent

  • From + To: Where you can add in a date range of when the campaign was sent

Last Status Filter is for the status of the email within the campaign. As a flow of an email, your statuses are ascending in order of how they would move along through the campaign. The first being an email is sent to the recipient then delivered. Once delivered, you can see opened to then clicked on.

For Example: If you add a filter for "opened", the email was also first sent and then delivered to reach the opened status

Additionally, you can view any flagged emails by the cause for the flagged status.

  • Soft Bounce: Temporary delivery issues to recipient

  • Hard Bounce: Permanent delivery issues to recipient

  • Unsubscribed: The recipient has unsubscribed and wishes to not receive further campaign emails

  • Spam Complaint: The recipient has marked as spam in inbox

What's Next?

If you would like to explore more ways to send email campaigns, would like to purchase higher limits or would like to get set up, check out our content below!

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