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What do I need to do if my company name and domain information is changing?
What do I need to do if my company name and domain information is changing?

Changing your domain or company name? We have you covered!

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If changing email domains we recommend the below:

If changing website / portal / logos

  • Portal Logo - For any logo, company name, or color configuration, you may adjust that in our portal settings

  • GDPR Term links - Any links that have been previously created for GDPR management may need to be updated as well.

  • Iframe for portal - You'll want to update your portal code if you do adjust your job's page URL (see below).

    • If you've connected your Crelate Job Portal via CSS or API - changes may need to be made. We'd recommend first changing Company Name, etc prior to officially connecting to your new domain/website.

  • Org name change for job postings- That display name can be updated in Crelate but you'll need to contact our Support Staff to make that change. You may also wish to reach out to a Crelate representative to change your Crelate job's page URL as well.

  • Email Templates / Signatures - For those template and signatures that have been created, you'll want to make any necessary amendments.

If needing to updating billing information

  • Update Payment Method - If you need to update payment method as a result of the change, do so easily within your subscription

  • Change Billing Contact and Address - Similarly, if you need to adjust the contact information or address, you may do so directly within your subscription

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