To begin, navigate to Settings | Manage Licenses. From that screen you may review your active licenses and subscriptions. You may additionally purchase subscription related items below and access your Billing Portal by selecting Open Billing Portal.

In the Payment Method tab you may review any credit card information on file. This will allow you to add an additional payment method or remove/edit and existing payment method.

Once you click on the "Edit" button you will be taken to the page where you can edit/add credit card information. On this page you can type in your new credit card number, security code, and expiration date. In the case that your billing address has changed, you can edit that information from the "Home" page of this portal.

Please be sure that the zip code listed under Billing Address matches the billing zip for your credit card. If the zip code doesn't match, we will not know until a charge is attempted.

When finished click on "Update" at the bottom.

Once your payment information is updated (and you've hit the 'Update" button) you will then be returned to the "Home" screen.

What's Next?

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