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April 2024 - What's New 24.4 Release
April 2024 - What's New 24.4 Release
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We are excited to announce our April 2024 release, just one month after March Release. This is a fast-follow release designed to help customers respond to changing market conditions.

With this second release of the year, we are moving forward with our key investment themes for 2024.

We sincerely appreciate your continued support and look forward to supporting your growth in the years to come.

Business Development Workflow

We’re thrilled to introduce a dynamic addition to our platform: a new “Business Development” workflow! For customers that want to use Crelate’s CRM capabilities to find new customers and orders. The Business Development workflow sits in front of your Sales and Recruiting workflows.

Start by identifying target companies, call, email, and get them engaged, qualified prospects move on to become a Lead, which can then move to your Sales workflow.

This new feature empowers your BDRs and outbound sales motion, building on the success of the Most Placeable Candidate approach of Employment Searches. On the Home Page, you’ll now find a dedicated tab labeled “Business Development”, distinct from the Sales and Recruiting tabs. When advancing a company or contact to the “Won” stage within this workflow, users will be prompted to create a new lead, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

Customer Insights - Reporting Updates

Over the last several months, our Product team engaged with many customers one-on-one to gain deeper insights into how they run their business inside of Crelate. One key takeaway was the importance of tracking metrics and specific data points directly within our platform. While this marks the beginning of a larger effort, we’re excited to announce several enhancements that unlock new reporting functionality to enable more robust reporting. Look for continued improvements related to reporting, metrics, and data throughout 2024.

Workflow History Filter

Introducing a new Workflow History reporting filter available on Candidate charts. This filter enables you to generate reports based on the movement of candidates into or out of specific workflow stages. For instance, you can track Candidates who were moved into the “Submitted” stage more than 30 days ago.

Primary Owner Filter

We have added a new Primary Owner filter, available in both Reports and Search. This filter allows you to filter records exclusively owned by a specific user and is being rolled out across all Core Records, including Contacts, Jobs, Companies, and Candidates, enhancing your ability to manage and access data more efficiently.

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Metric – Duration of Call and other Activities

Understanding the time spent on specific activities is crucial for making informed business decisions and increasing your placement rate. We are excited to introduce a new filtering option from your Activities reports that focuses on the Average Duration of Activities and Duration of Calls, measured in minutes. These enhancements will help you gain deeper insights into time management and optimize your operations for better results.

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You Asked, We Delivered!

With every release, we focus on top customer requests. With this release, we are adding capabilities that cover requests from the Crelate User Community. Be sure to submit your ideas and upvote the features you’d like to see us implement at

Reminder of previously announced changes that require you to take action:

Job Portal v1 Sunset

In the fall of 2020 Crelate launched our improved Job Portal. This updated portal offers easier installation, with better performance and greater flexibility. The legacy portal relies on an IFRAME, while the new portal is a JavaScript embeddable widget. For the past 4 years, we have maintained both portals to allow customers time to transition to the new portal. 

In April, we announced that the v1 Job Portal is now in Sunset Mode, meaning only critical security-related issues will be fixed going forward. No other improvements or updates will be made and the legacy portal is now scheduled to be removed. 

Effective October 31st, 2024, the Crelate Job Portal v1 will be deprecated entirely and disabled. We encourage all users to update their job portal integrations to use the new web portal widget as soon as practical. 

While the new v2 portal supports many great new features over the v1 portal, we are aware that the new job portal does look visually different and may require some users to update their custom styles to have the portal look the same as their previous version. Clients adding the portal to their company page via IFRAME will need to reconfigure the page to use the Job Portal v2 widget. The widget script snippet can be found in Settings > (Portal) Widget. Customers are strongly encouraged to migrate as soon as practical.  

We understand this can be disruptive to your business, which is why we have supported both portals for 4 years and are now giving an additional full 9 months of notice of this requirement; on top of the years of running the two versions in parallel.   

Moving to the new job portal is very easy, you can read about its migration HERE. 

Public v1 and v2 API Sunset

With the launch of Public API v3 in October 2023, we are announcing that Public API v1 and v2 have entered sunset mode, meaning only critical security and performance items will be addressed going forward. All Clients and Partners are strongly encouraged to use Public API v3 for all new projects and to move existing projects to the new API when possible. 
To ensure customers have enough time to make this move, Public API v1 and v2 won’t be deprecated until March 31st of 2025. This gives customers and partners over a year to migrate to the new API. 

The new API has many advantages and capabilities over the old APIs but does not yet support Application Management, however, we will be adding these capabilities soon. Customers who need these features may continue to use the legacy endpoints while they migrate the rest of their code to the new endpoints. 

iPad App Sunset 

In 2019, Apple introduced “Desktop Browsing” on iPads. This change brought significant improvements to the iPad’s ability to access web apps directly. Since 2019, we have maintained two code bases to support the legacy Crelate iPad App and a responsive, touch-enabled web application. 

In Q3-2024, we will be removing the iPad app and ending all support for it going forward. At this time, customers wishing to access Crelate may do so from their iPad by going to the standard login page.  

Existing iPad customers can start using this technique today. Over the next few months, we will be making small enhancements to the normal web app to behave even better on the iPad. 

IMPORTANT: This announcement does NOT affect Crelate Connector for mobile phones.

New Login Password Requirements 

To improve the security of Clients accounts. During Q4 2024, we will be implementing stricter password requirements across all accounts. This means that strong passwords will be mandatory, and basic or weak passwords will no longer be accepted. Additionally, to bolster account security even further, two-factor authentication (2FA) will be required for all organizations.  

To ensure a smooth transition and prepare for these changes, administrators can take the following steps: 

  • Navigate to Settings |Security |Advanced Security 

  • Mark the “Two Factor Authentication” and “Force Strong Password” options as “Required. 

We understand the importance of safeguarding your data, and these measures are designed to provide an added layer of protection. Please reach out to our support team if you have any questions. 

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