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March 2024 - What's New 24.3 Release
March 2024 - What's New 24.3 Release
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NEW – This is a new feature or functionality. It may need to be enabled and configured.

IMPROVED – This is a change to an existing feature.

CHANGED – This is an existing feature or behavior that has changed, and users need to be aware.

We're thrilled to announce the arrival of our newest product release, designed to enhance your experience with Crelate. Packed with exciting features, integrations, and improvements driven by invaluable customer feedback, this release marks a significant step forward in empowering you to make even more placements.

NEW - Crelate Marketplace

Launched in January, our new Crelate Marketplace is your first and best place to learn about various exciting and useful tools to get the most out of your Crelate talent platform.

Integration Partners Updates

NEW - CallMantra

Crelate is now fully integrated with CallMantra! A cloud-based phone system tailored for US recruitment agencies.

Here's what the CallMantra/Crelate can do:

  • Call and text candidates directly from job boards

  • Text candidates 1:1 or send personalized text messages

  • Call 70+ candidates/hour with power dialing

  • Automatically log all calls, texts, recordings, and notes onto the core record

  • View individual recruiter's stats such as calls made, texts sent, call duration inside of CallMantra

  • Get more calls answered by candidates and build trust by displaying a verified caller badge

NEW - Ducknowl

Ducknowl is a talent screening and assessment platform for pre-employment screening of candidates during the hiring process. Ducknowl has partnered with Crelate to help companies and staffing agencies screen and hire top talent.

With the Ducknowl/Crelate Integration, you can invite candidates for remote interviews, live interviews, and assessments directly from Crelate.

IMPROVEDRingCentral Embedded Phone Upgrade­

With this release, we have upgraded the RingCentral Embedded Web Widget to v1.9.3. This release includes several new features and many bug fixes. Details on the new widget, fixes, and new features can be found here:

NOTE: The RingCentral Web Widget is provided by RingCentral, Crelate has no control of or responsibility for its quality or capabilities. We are providing details for information purposes only.

Data Exports (Backups) Updates

CHANGEDRequesting and Downloading Data Exports

To better serve growing data storage and retention needs, we are expanding Crelate's capabilities by making fundamental changes in how we handle Organization Backups and Exports. With the increased demand and size of backups, we have altered the way we queue, bundle, and distribute backups initiated through Crelate.

Backups are now split into a series of archive files based on size - this pertains to both the record data files (.csvs of Core Record data) and attachments (binary data). You can also request incremental backups that allow you to only grab records that were modified since your last backup, thus reducing the size of future backups.

This new structure also has the benefit of making each separated piece smaller and easing the burden of downloading big files all at once. Each part is easily identified through backup metadata, which now gives more details about a backup's status, what it contains, and how to access its various files.

Custom Fields Updates

CHANGEDManaging Custom Fields

The management of Custom Fields has moved for all Core Records from the various “Customize Fields” or “Customize Form” dialogs to a new Custom Fields area within each Core Record in Settings.

The concept of Logical Names has been introduced to make it easier for developers to work with Custom Fields. Logical Names are not meant to be used by regular users, instead they define names in a way that coders can use to reliably refer to the field, regardless of what the user interface name says. Previously, the logical names were generated and had names like CustomField1, and CustomerField2, this made it very hard for developers to know which field mapped to what field in the user interface.

Logical Names have been assigned to all existing Custom Fields within Crelate using the current Display Name as a guide. These new Logical Names can be viewed by navigating to the desired Core Record settings page and locating the desired field in the Custom Fields grid.

CHANGEDCreating and Deleting Custom Fields

Creating and Deleting Custom Fields is now handled via the Custom Fields area on Core Records.

To add a new field, simply click the + sign. To delete a field, select it and click the – sign.

Deleting a field will delete all information affiliated with that custom field and the deleted data cannot be re-instated. Make sure you are certain before proceeding.

When creating a Custom Field, you will need to give the field a Display Name, Logical Name, and Type –

  • Display Name – How the field will be displayed to users throughout Crelate

  • Logical Name – How this field is represented to programmers via the API – this must be unique per Entity Record and only supports alpha-numeric values and underscores

  • Type – Defines what type of data will be stored in the field (Text, Numbers (Integers), Numbers (Decimal), Numbers (Money), etc.)

  • Picklist Set – If you select a Custom Picklist, you must specify which Picklist to use

Only the Display Name can be changed after creation so make sure the Logical Name and Type are what you need.

Crelate API v3 Updates

NEWSupport for Data Exports (Backups)

With the overall changes made to Data Exports (Backups), we have updated API v3 to include support for various Backup functionality. These newly added endpoints have been created with the new partitioned structure in mind and should be used going forward to interact with Data Exports programmatically.

The endpoints are as follows -

CHANGEDNew Custom Field Support

To coincide with the overall changes made to Custom Fields, we are making interacting with Custom Fields easier via the API and have introduced a “CustomFields” property bag. This can be found on various endpoints for Entities that support Custom Fields. This property bag is keyed off the newly introduced Logical Name concept, which can be configured in the new Custom Fields areas of Core Records.

Original Approach –

New Approach –

These changes should make interacting with these fields easier and more discoverable than before.

IMPROVEDGeneral Stability Improvements

We have made several improvements to general API v3 stability by addressing issues raised by our customers and partners. This includes exposing more fields, improving documentation, addressing defects, and adding more entity support (e.g., Job Types).

NEW – Employee Id on Users

IMPROVEDNew EmployeeId field on Users

An Employee Id field has been added to Users in Crelate. This field can be set on both new and existing Users and optional. However, it must be unique between users in your organization. This Employee Id can be used during bulk import as a distinguishing field for matching cell values to users in your Crelate instance. A common use case for this field is to store an employee/payroll Id that can be used to relate the Crelate user record to a record in an external timekeeping/payroll system.

You Asked, We Delivered (DCRs)

With every release, we focus on top customer requests. With this release, we are adding capabilities that cover 12 different feature requests and almost 200 upvotes from the Crelate User Community. Be sure to submit your ideas and upvote the features you’d like to see us implement at

IMPROVED - Various Audit Log Improvements (67 upvotes)

We’ve made several improvements to auditing throughout the system. The audit reports have been upgraded to provide detailed information on the type of activities, along with the parent record the activity was for, as well as the record ID when applicable. This enhancement offers increased visibility into the operations within your organization. Updates include:

  1. Include the # of records exported, when applicable.

  2. Include the query for grids that were exported, when applicable.

  3. Field Level Audit details are easier to find, when applicable.

  4. Audit Logs load 250 rows vs. 100 rows at a time

  5. Audit Log “Load More” button is now easier to find

  6. Enabled the ability to Export the Audit grid to PDF

  7. Enabled the ability to Search within the Audit grid

  8. NEW: Auditing on Reports (Create, Update, Delete)

  9. NEW: Auditing on Lists/Views (Create, Update, Delete)

  10. NEW: Auditing on Roles (Create, Update, Delete)

IMPROVED - Various Export Improvements (30 upvotes)

1. Export Settings | Tags
It's easier than ever to plan tag cleanup. You can now export your Tag lists from Settings to Excel so you can plan your organization’s tag cleanup.

2. Export Settings | Flagged Emails

Easily export Flagged (Unsubscribe, Complaints, etc.) email addresses so that you can easily import them into other systems and stay compliant with email regulations. In addition, we now include the type of email next to each flagged email address.

3. Export Settings | Blocked Contacts
Easily export Blocked Contacts, so you can more easily analyze and report on them, or import them into other systems and maintain blocks across your organization.

4. Ability to Include Record IDs (GUID) in all exports

We’ve added the ability to include the Crelate Record ID (GUID) on any export. This ID can be used on import, or via the Crelate API.

5. Exporting from Reports and Search Updates
We updated the Export from Reports and Search to support the latest version of Excel and to support exporting record IDs.

NEW - New Way to Manage Lists (27 upvotes)

Introducing a new “Lists” section within the Data Quality section in your Settings. Administrators can now easily access and manage shared and non-shared lists, empowering you with greater control over your organization's data. Additionally, you now can export these lists for further analysis and management.

IMPROVED - Improved Accessibility inside Crelate

We have made many improvements throughout the web application to make the application more accessible to keyboard navigation and screen readers. This update includes more tab stops, better tooltips, and updates to make the application work better with voice screen readers. Almost 250 tabs, sub-tabs, menu items, buttons, and icons have been updated.

IMPROVED - New Texting Tool Tips and Tool Tips “Open in New Tab” Feature (18 upvotes)

We have added a new feature to record tool tips allowing all core records to be “Opened in New Tab”, allowing for seamless navigation to a different record, without losing your current record.

In addition, we’ve added tooltips to our Text Messaging contacts, so you can quickly access the contact record of text message senders/recipients. The Text Messaging user interface has also undergone a few minor visual improvements.

NEW – Reporting on Relationships/Splits

We have added Placement Relationship reporting abilities to Crelate Reporting with the initial focus on supporting split amount reporting. Users can craft their own reports using the newly added Relationship option in the metric dropdown or use the pre-configured ‘Split Amount by Placement’ chart. These reports will allow users to report on split totals per individual and filter by Opportunity, Company, and/or Placement.

NEW – Ability to Auto-Generate Billable Items on Direct Hire Placement

We are giving you the option to have a billable item automatically generated when a direct hire placement is made. With this enhancement, the total amount for each billable item will be extracted from the “Fee” field on the direct hire placement form, streamlining your process and saving valuable time for your recruiting team. Note: Enabling this feature applies to your entire org; each direct hire placement will generate a billable item. If no amount is put in the “Fee” field, it ill default to 0 and allow you to edit/delete in the Billable Item area.

IMPROVED – Ability to copy Time Cards from previous Pay period

We are giving users that utilize the Employee center the ability to copy Time Cards from the previous Pay Period. This should greatly reduce the time required to log time on the first day of each Pay Period. Please note that selecting this options will add the Time Cards to the Timesheet, however users are still required to Save before the newly added Time Cards will persist.

IMPROVED – New filters on Time Card Export Dialog

A new Pay Period filter has been added to the Time Card export dialog. This filter allows users to easily filter the export to only include the Time Cards for the selected Pay Period. The existing Date filter has been updated to make it clear that it pertains to the creation date of the Time Card and not the Pay Period.

NEW – Invoicing Details now Available on Opportunity Records

We’re thrilled to introduce a new enhancement: you can now access invoice and billable item details directly on Direct Hire Opportunity Records. This addition provides you with comprehensive insight into your invoicing process, making it convenient for you to see it, where you need it most!

NEW - Invoice Net 10 Terms (13 Upvotes)

We've recently introduced a new payment term option—'Net 10 Days'—for more flexible processing of payments.

NEW - Create Invoice Capabilities

We expanded the capability to effortlessly create invoices by selecting billable items directly from the grid. With the addition of the new dropdown option for “By Selected Items”, users can save time by quickly choosing specific items for inclusion in their invoices.

Coming Soon

We’re thrilled to share some exciting developments from your Crelate Product team. We’ve been hard at work crafting new features and integrations to enhance your experience. Take a look at what’s on the horizon:

HubSpot Integration – Sales CRM

HubSpot’s CRM has everything you need to organize, track, and better build relationships with leads and customers. We’ve developed a seamless sync integration with HubSpot, allowing you to effortlessly sync your contacts between both platforms. This feature is currently shipped as a private BETA and will be rolled out to all Crelate users later this year.

Sense Integration – Sequencing and Workflow Automation

Introducing Sense- an AI-powered Talent Engagement Platform that empowers recruiters to provide personalized interactions at every stage of the talent lifecycle. With this integration, you can sync your Contacts into Sense, utilize Senses chatbots to text candidates, and seamlessly integrate all relevant information back into Crelate in the form of an activity. This feature is currently in a private BETA and is set to release to all Crelate users later this year.

Embedded Payroll

We are excited to share that we have launched an embedded payroll product within the Crelate Platform. Now, users can seamlessly run their front and back office all within one system, without ever having to leave Crelate! Backed by an industry-leading embedded payroll company, our Payroll feature is currently in BETA and will be shipped to the public in our summer release.

Manual Payroll / PayStubs

In addition to embedded payroll, we’re also launching a 100% Crelate-backed Payroll offering. Manual Payroll will include many of the same features as embedded Payroll, however all data will be housed by Crelate and users will have additional flexibility regarding the Withholding, Benefit, and Post-Tax Deductions available. This version of payroll will also support custom fields and can be used to generate a customizable Paystub artifact.

Xero Integration

We’re pleased to announce that we have implemented an invoicing integration with Xero. The integration allows users to sync invoices created in Crelate with a corresponding invoice record in Xero. Once synced, any actions/changes to the invoice in Xero are automatically tracked on the record in Crelate, including payment recognition and status changes. This integration can alleviate the need to manually enter payments on invoices in Crelate.

Billable Item Import

The existing Data Import + feature has been updated to allow Omni – Deliver users to import Billable Items. This can be especially useful if you have employees that log time external from Crelate, but you still want to take advantage of Crelate’s invoicing capabilities. The feature operates much like any other bulk record import process in Crelate, however certain fields are required to not only exist in your spreadsheet, they also must match a record in Crelate in order for the row to be valid for import (i.e. a Crelate user record must match the values in the Employee column of your spreadsheet).

💡ProTip: You can see detailed changes, patches, and weekly updates in our change log available at

What's Next?

Check out the release webinar to learn even more about our upcoming 24.3 feature release.

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