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What are Crelate's new job portal features?

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Effective October 31st, 2024, the Crelate Job Portal v1 will be deprecated entirely and disabled. We encourage all users to update their job portal integrations to use the new web portal widget as soon as practical.

In an effort to refresh the look and feel of Crelate's job portal, we have completely updated the interface and experience making it sleeker and easier than ever to embed. This article will discuss

Both can be accessed by navigating to Settings | Portal and selecting the respective areas.

New Portal Preview

The Portal Preview will allow you the ability to review and customize the branding of your portal along with setting several required settings.

Upon entering the New Portal Preview, select Ok, Let's Get Started to begin.

That will then provide the ability to customize applicant settings, create your own coloration and branding prior to officially upgrading.

Selecting your job portal URL will redirect to your preview portal while you may continue to make changes.

Once complete, select Upgrade to the New Portal. This will set your portal live and then allow you to embed the portal to your website.

Portal Widget

Once your portal has been configured, you may then look easily embed the Portal Widget into your website.

Simply navigate to the Generate Code Widget area and single click in the body to automatically copy the code.

Once copied, simply navigate to your website's HTML and paste the widget code.

Squarespace Setup

1. Navigate to the page you’d like to add your Crelate Job Portal to and select edit

2. Select the “add” line to insert your Widget

3. Select Code

4. Ensure HTML is selected and paste in your Portal Widget Code

WordPress Setup

1. To begin, navigate to Pages | All Pages and select the page you’d like to embed your Crelate Widget Code

2. After finding your page, select Edit.

3. Once here, ensure you have Text (HTML) select and paste in your Portal Widget Code

Wix Setup

1. Navigate to your Wix site and select Site Actions | Edit Site

2. Select the page you'd like to embed your jobs page in your Wix site.

3. With that page selected, choose the Add icon followed by Embed | Custom Embeds | Embed a Widget

4. Once here, select Enter Code and paste in your Portal Widget Code followed by selecting Update to complete.

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