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FAQ - Business Development Workflow
FAQ - Business Development Workflow

Common Questions Regarding the New Business Development Workflow

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  1. How do I transfer existing Leads and Opportunities to the new Business Development Workflow?

  2. How do I migrate my searches and queries created for the Employment Search Workflow to the new Business Development Workflow?

  3. How is the Business Development Workflow connected with the Sales Workflow?


  1. You can export the existing Leads and Opportunities into a spreadsheet and then import the spreadsheet into your database after updating the data in the column for Opportunity Type to "Business Development Opportunity" to then add these to the Business Development Workflow.

For detailed instructions on importing a spreadsheet into Crelate, please review our guide for Importing a Spreadsheet.

Once the import is complete, you will see these Leads or Opportunities added as Business Development Opportunities within the Business Development Workflow.

*Of note, this will result in technical duplicate records since Leads are not considered Opportunity Records in Crelate.

2. You would need to re-create these searches and queries for the Business Development Workflow.

3. Since the Business Development Workflow is intended to operate as a workflow for cold outreaches that are being worked to convert into a Lead Opportunity, while this workflow remains separate from the Sales Workflow, once a Business Development Opportunity is moved to the Stage set to the "Done, Positive Outcome" Type, it will then create a Lead, in which, this action will generate a Lead Form.

Once the Opportunity is converted into a Lead, it will be reflected within the Sales Workflow as a New Lead.

What's Next?

Learn more about enabling and using the Business Development Workflow!

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