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Enabling Your Business Development Workflow
Enabling Your Business Development Workflow

Learn how to create and setup your Business Development Workflow

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This feature is available on our Business Plus and higher subscription plans!

Our Business Development Workflow will allow you to find new customers and orders. Start by identifying target companies, call, email, and get them engaged, qualified prospects move on to become a Lead, which can then move to your Sales workflow.

This new feature empowers your BDRs and outbound sales motion, building on the success of the Most Placeable Candidate approach of Employment Searches. On the Home Page, you’ll now find a dedicated tab labeled “Business Development”, distinct from the Sales and Recruiting tabs. When advancing a company or contact to the “Won” stage within this workflow, users will be prompted to create a new lead, enhancing efficiency and effectiveness.

How do I enable this functionality?

Similarly to our Employment Search Workflow, the Business Development Workflow will be disabled by default. To enable this functionality, please navigate to Settings | Core Records | Jobs & Opportunities:

First, ensure that Opportunity Types are enabled. If not, enable them to begin.

If your Opportunity Types are already Enabled, find the Business Development opportunity type (this will already be created for you) and ensure this new type is set to Active.

Of Note: Unlike the Employment Search, you can have multiple different Business Development Opportunity Types.

Once enabled, the new Business Development Workflow will be accessible from Settings | Workflows, and ready to customize to your needs!

What's Next?

Want to start adding Prospects and moving them through the Business Development Pipeline? Look no further!

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