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Crelate allows you to take records that you have in a spreadsheet and import that data into Crelate. You'll have the ability to map information from your spreadsheet directly into columns in Crelate.

To Import Data into Crelate from a spreadsheet, follow these steps:

Preparing your File

  • Take a look at our Troubleshooting Guide if you are running into any issues

  • Ensure your spreadsheet is saved as an .xls or .xlsx file

  • The importer works best when each column heading is the name of the field, and the data falls in rows below. Example, the top row should be field names such as Name, Phone, Email, etc.

  • Ensure that there are no empty rows - To get a successful import, you should make the spreadsheet look as clean as possible, with a single header row on row 1, and the contact data starting on row 2

Beginning your Import

  • Navigate to the Menu, and click on Import Data

  • Select the area shown below or drag your file in

  • Once your file has been added select Next to Continue

Selecting your Import Fields

  • When the Import Mapping screen opens, select the record type that you wish to import.

  • Crelate will attempt to generate mappings based on column headers. (For example, ‘First Name’). The Source Column represents the column name on your spreadsheet while Import Into represents the field name in Crelate that you'll be mapping to. If Import Into remains blank, hover your mouse over the blank space to expose a Select Field option (see below). This will allow you to make a selection of where you'd like to import the Source Column. If the field is left blank, no data will import for that specific column.

Pro Tip: Importing Tags? After making the Import Into selection of Tags, hover your mouse in the details column to select Configure.

This will allow you to choose to create a new tag if the existing does not exist, split values based on comma, semi colon, colon, space, or custom. You may also choose the tag category you'd like to map to.

Saving a Field Map

While not a required option, why might you use a saved field map? If you consistently upload the same formatting spreadsheet columns and want to save time, you may simply save a field map to allow you to load that in each time as a template.

  • When you have completed your mappings, you can select the gear icon in the upper right, and click Save Mappings

  • Provide a name for your mapping, and hit OK

  • You can load your mapping for future imports!

  • You may always Manage Saved Field Maps to delete or rename previously created mappings

Finalize the Import

  • After moving beyond the field map process and saving any field mapping you may then finalize your import

  • You may name your import and choose to have Crelate email you when your import is completed.

  • Select Import to start the Import

  • When the import is completed, you may select View all Import Contacts to navigate to your import.

How to Undo an Import:

  • Made a mistake? You'll have the ability to undo your import.

Next, navigate to 'My Imports' and double click on the import.

From there, you'll be able to undo that import.

What's Next?

Want to view or manage records you've recently imported? Having issues getting your spreadsheet to import? Take a look at our content below!

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