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How to resubmit candidates to jobs

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If there is ever a time when you need to resubmit a candidate for a job, you can easily accomplish this by navigating to the jobs Submittal Items Grid.

To get started, navigate to the Job Record and select the Submittal Items Grid. Please ensure you are using the Submitted Candidates View.

Next, select the submittal(s) you wish to resubmit and select the Action Dropdown | Resubmit.

After selecting Resubmit, you will be directed to the Submittal Dialog to resend the Submittal Email.

Lastly, you'll now see the new submittal with the status of Active and the first/original submittal as Resubmitted.

ATTENTION: Please consider the below when reporting on submittals:

Resubmittals will count as a new submittal activity. Meaning when reporting on submittals, both the original submittal and the resubmittal will count separately.

If you wish to only report on the Original Submittal Activity, you'll need to use the Submitted Candidate Record Status Filter and filter to Active on your Submitted Candidates Report.

You may also report on only Resubmissions by using the Resubmitted option in the Submitted Candidate Record Status Filter.

If you're looking for more details on Submittal Reporting, you can learn more HERE!

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