Using the Submittal Items Grid

How to utilize the Submittal Items Grid

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We’ve introduced the concept of Submittal Items. One Submittal Item will exist per candidate in a Submittal. You can take action and assign credit per item by visiting the Submittal Items grid on the Submittals sub-tab of Opportunities.

To get started, navigate to a job and select the Submittals Tab. Next, select Submitted Candidates.

From here, can select a submittal(s) and perform 3 actions:

  1. Resubmit- Once a submittal has been sent, you will have the option to resubmit the candidate(s) if needed. Resubmitting will result in the original submittal having a status of Resubmit, while the new submittal will have a status of Active. Please note that only submittals with an Active Status can be resubmitted. You can learn more HERE about the Resubmittal Process.

  2. Revoke- If you accidentally submitted a candidate or if a candidate was accidentally submitted more than one time, you can revoke the submittal so that it may be filtered out if needed via Submitted Candidate Reports. Please note that only submittals with an Active Status can be revoked.

  3. Set Owner- You may also set a new owner to a submittal after it has been sent. This will allow for flexibility when reporting on who receives credit.

When using the Submittal Items Grid, you will also have the ability to filter by Status if needed.

Lastly, if you have any saved Submittal Draft Emails, you will be able to view them here as well.

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