March 2023 - What's New?
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With our March release, we bring updates based on your direct feedback and update a few newly released features.

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Important: We’ve made significant improvements to Submittals. Please be sure to review the Upgrade Impact Guide for details on how this may affect reports.

  • Submittals via Client Portal: Added the option to add candidates to client portals as a method of submitting candidates

  • Single Submittal Templates: Option to add candidates to client portals as a method of submitting candidates.

  • Default Submittal Template by Opportunity Type: Added the ability to set a Default Submittal Template per Opportunity Type.

  • Submittal Items/Reporting: One Submittal Item will exist per candidate in a Submittal. Take action and assign credit per item by visiting the Submittal Items grid on the Submittals sub-tab of Opportunities.


  • Enabled Workflow Stages: Link Recruiting Workflow Stages directly to a Sequence and allow users to add contacts while adding or moving contacts in their workflow.

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    • Contacts that have been added by a stage change will also have a ‘New Sequence’ icon in the Activity section of the Contact tile. If they are active on the Sequence, it will be blue and if they are no longer active it will be gray.

  • Metrics Step Total Tiles: New Metrics Tiles have been added to help provide visibility into how many times users are:

    • Total Steps Completed

    • Total Steps Skipped

    • Total Steps with Wait Bypassed

  • Search Option for Sequences: Added a new Sequences filter to the Search page. This search filter will help Users find contacts that are on or have been on a Sequence.


  • Email/Email Template Styling Options: Added new functionality to email templates such as new fonts, highlight text, and HEX color selector

  • Email Conversations: New Email Conversations for auto-journaled email users that act as a container around email activities and group them together in the activity stream.

  • Regarding Opp on Email Responses: The “Regarding Opportunity” is now visible in email responses and will appear in the activity stream of opportunities.

  • Track Email Views: We’ve added the ability to track when an email has been viewed on emails. This will display in the activity stream

    • NOTE: Viewed means that the email was opened by any user on the TO, CC, or BCC line of the email who does not have tracking pixel blocking enabled.

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  • Email Response Notifications: Users in organizations that have journaling enabled can now elect to get in-app notifications when a contact has replied to an email sent via Crelate.

  • Save Draft for Emails: Added the ability to save email activities as drafts.

    • Note: This only applies to single-send email activities.

  • Profile Preferences 'My Emails' Page: We’ve added a new ‘My Emails’ page to Profile/Preferences to show and manage your Draft and Sent emails.


  • Schedule Send Reporting Chart Emails: Users with Full Reporting Permissions now have access to the new "Configure Scheduled Emails" option to schedule emails with reporting charts.

    • The pop-up allows users to select up to 5 charts and choose the attachment format (CSV or XLSX).

    • Users can schedule the email to send at a selected hour of the day and choose specific days of the week or the beginning/end of the month for recurring sending options.

  • User Roles Read access to Report Page: Administrators now have a new Reporting Access setting for users with Read Reporting Permissions. Roles with Read and Limited can access only specified report pages.

  • Additional Reporting Data Fields: We’ve added additional fields to report on, enabling you to gain further insight into your candidate pipelines.

    • Opportunity Loss Reason

    • Candidate Pass Reason

    • Applied From/Source *This information will also be displayed in the Activity stream on the associated record

Required Fields

Requiring fields are here! Our new required fields feature will allow admins to ensure specific fields in their organization are entered before creating new records. This is done from Settings | Core Records | Customize Form. Required fields are currently only enforced in the web user interface on all forms. Note: This does not include Data Import+, Crelate Connector, or the API.

You Asked, We Delivered:

Company Record Updates and New Company Website Options:

  • Career Page

  • Leadership / People

  • Twitter

  • Other (alternate)

Job Portal

  • Salary/Range Required Setting NEW: We’ve added a new setting to Portal settings to toggle whether Salary/Range is a required field when publishing jobs to your portal.

Client Portal

  • ‘On Client Portal’ field on Opportunities NEW: We’ve added a new property on Opportunity records that denotes whether they are on the client portal or not. This property can be added to opportunity grids and is also an available filter in Find.


  • Candidates List Display in Subject field NEW: The ‘List of submitted candidate names’ data slug will now display names in {First Name} {Last Name} format instead of {Last Name}, {First Name}.

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