Deleting Email Templates

How to find and delete an email template

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In Crelate, email templates can be used to quickly draft an email to a candidate or a client. If you need help creating a template or to learn more about them, check out this resource!

Email templates might exist on an org level for all users to utilize. Alternatively, the template may be a user template specific to one login. User templates can be shared to the org but may also remain private to the creator.

If you need to delete a template, you will need to navigate to the area it was created.

Org Templates

To delete an org template, you will need to navigate to Settings > Email templates. From there, you can single click a template to highlight it in green and use the red minus symbol to delete.

User Templates

To delete a user based template, you will need to navigate the the four line menu in the top left of your Crelate and choose 'Manage your profile and preferences.' From there you will choose 'my templates' from the left menu and delete using the red minus icon.

Please keep in mind that to delete a user based template, you have to be the creator. If you did not create the user template, you will not have the option to remove it. If you need assistance removing templates disabled users created, you can connect with support for further assistance!

Whats Next?

If you need help creating templates or want to learn more, please take a look at some of our other resources!

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