Creating Submittal Templates

How to create Submittal Templates

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Creating Submittal Email Templates will speed up the time it takes to submit candidates for your jobs. You can also have multiple templates and set defaults on jobs, companies, and opportunity types! We'll cover more on this below.

To start, navigate to Menu | Manage Your Profile & Preferences.

Next, navigate to My Templates and use the plus sign to begin under My Submittal Templates.

That will then display the New Submittal Template editor.

1. Template Name: This is required to save your template.

2. Template Type: You will have options for both Single and Bulk. Single will send an email for a single submitted candidate. Bulk will send one email which includes all of the submitted candidates if you submit more than one candidate per email. Another difference between Single and Bulk is how the Candidate insert data fields are added. For Single, you will use a Candidate option. For Bulk, you will use the Submitted Candidate List option.

Single Template:

Bulk Template:

3. From, CC, BCC, and To: Each option here allows you to automatically pull in a mail merge field based on a contact type (such as Hiring Manager Primary Email). You may also enter in an email address via free text.

4. Subject: You may enter free text or use the drop-down arrow (to the far right) to pull in mail merge data.

5. Tags: You may tag submittal emails to help search and categorize them.

6. Attachments: Selecting the Configure Submittal Attachments option will allow you to include which attachments you'd like to default to pull into your submittal email. (More on this below).

7. Generate PDF Package: When this setting is enabled, all attachments in the email will be packaged into a single PDF for each candidate.

8. Share this Template: You may share this template with other users in your organization.

9. Email Editors + Body: You may change the style and font of your email body. Additionally, selecting the Insert Data field will allow you to pull in mail merge fields to the body of your submittal template.

From there, you may select drop-down arrows at the end of each column to choose mail merge fields to include in the email. The "insert data" option can be used for the body of the email.

Configuring Documentation in your Submittal Email

1. Click the link next to Attachments on the email template. A window containing a list of attachments will pop up. This is the list of document types that will be included in the submittal for each submitted candidate.

2. To add additional document types, click the green plus icon at the top of the list.

Pro Tip: Want to add a new type to display? Consider Adding a New Document Type.

3. Optionally, you can check the "This document type is a required attachment" and "Allow multiple of this document type" check boxes at the bottom:

Checking the "Required" box means that you will not be able to send a submittal email without this document for each candidate. If the "Allow multiple" box is checked, then the submittal email will include all documents of this type for each candidate. Otherwise it will just include the most recent document.

Selecting your Submittal Template

Next, when you do submit a candidate, you'll be able to select which template you'd like to use.

Selecting the magnifying glass will allow you to select an alternate template.

Pro Tip: Do you have a submittal template that you want to align with a client or job each time? You may navigate to a Company or an Opportunity record to select Submittal Template. This will allow you to select a template that pulls in by default each time you submit to this Client or Opportunity.

Pro Tip 2: Do you have a submittal template that you want to use with a specific Opportunity Type each time? You can set a default submittal type for each Opportunity Type if needed!

What's Next?

Want more on how to send a submittal email? Check out our documentation below!

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