Daily Notes for Time Keeping
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Time Keeping Daily Notes will allow employees to submit notes on their timesheets to help further explain their hours for each day, or the week.

When setting up a Time Type, you will see Daily Note and General Note both listed, with three functionality options available for each:

  • None - Daily Notes will not be available or visible on this Time Type

  • Optional - Daily Notes will be available for Employees to enter any type of explanation (example: took 2 hours of sick time), but not required.

  • Required - The Employees will not be able to submit their time until Daily Notes are entered.

When Notes are Required, a red exclamation point will appear if the Employee has not added a daily note and will be unable to submit until doing so.

  • General Note - This will control the functionality of the one general note section for the week.

  • Daily Note - This option controls the functionality of each individual day's note section.

When Daily Notes are required, a note will only be required on days that time is entered.

For example, if Jack only worked Tuesday and Thursday and Daily Notes are required, they will only need to enter a note for Tuesday and Thursday. Not the five days in which no time was input.

When General Notes are required, only the Notes box at the end of the week will be Required.

What's Next?

Now that you have set up your Notes for Time Keeping, go out and set up those Time Keeping Approvals!

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