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Import Data Plus - Duplicate Identifier
Import Data Plus - Duplicate Identifier

Troubleshooting Different Errors

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With Crelate's Import Data Plus, customers have the ability to both import new and update existing records within their database. As an important disclaimer, actions taken when updating records are final and cannot be undone. Please keep this in mind when updating records and read more below in regards to checks in place.

You may run into issues when Updating Records, that will luckily get flagged as an error for easy troubleshooting.

Too many matches by identifier is a common error and would be caused by having multiple Candidates in your org with the same work email address, or any other duplicate information listed on multiple records.

When this happens, Crelate does not understand which Record to Update. Luckily, this can be an easy fix.

  1. Merge the Records

    1. If you have duplicate Candidate Records, as a Best Practice, we recommend merging those records together.

  2. Field Mapping

    1. You can choose to not field map a column on the Spreadsheet. For example, if the duplicate identifier is Work Email, you can opt to not field map that column to prevent this error from pulling.

  3. Manually enter the Update

    1. We only recommend this if you are looking to update only a few records and do not want to merge.

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