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How to merge a contact, company or opportunity record

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If you run into a situation where you have duplication of records, you are able to merge them into a single record. The process is the same for Contacts, Jobs, or Companies.

The below example is for merging two jobs

Starting the Merge process

  • Navigate into the job record

  • Select the drop down above the record name and then choose Merge With

  • Select the job you'd like to merge the record with

The Merge Dialog

The merge dialog will appear, allowing you to select what fields you want to merge to the final record. (The final record will be the record on the left side of the screen.)

  • View the record details for each record within the dialog

  • If there is data on the right side, you can merge it to the final record on the left by clicking on it.

  • The new field will display on the right, and flagged as "Merged"

  • Click Merge to complete the merge process.

As noted above, for companies and contacts, the process will look nearly identical.

On a contact record, you'll want to select This Contact

On the company record, you'll also see the merge after selecting the This Company drop down.

Reasons a Merge may be prevented

Please note the following reasons that may be preventing you from merging a Core Record:


  • Cannot be linked to a user


  • Cannot be merged with its own parent/child

  • Cannot be merged with a different recruiting type

  • Cannot have an expense/time type attached

  • Cannot have their expense/time types in use by an assignments


  • Cannot have any invoices attached to the Company

  • Cannot have any billable items attached to the Company

  • Cannot be linked to any expense/time types

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