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  1. Is there any ability to correct a mistake I've made when updating records?

  2. Is there anything I can do if I accidentally update records?

  3. Can I import new records AND update records using Import Data Plus?


  1. No. Please be extremely cautious when updating records. Any updates to records cannot be reversed or reverted. Meaning, if you accidentally map fields incorrectly, those changes cannot be undone. Crelate provides several preview screens to avoid this behavior and allow customers to preview data as it would import to Crelate prior to officially importing. Records that are not updated but simply created a new records from an import can still be reverted, just as in today's import experience.

  2. Yes! The good news is that you have an identifier you can reference from your original import file (presumably the email address). You can re-use that import file, make any modifications or corrections, and import it again to update your records.

  3. Yes! You may both import and update records. These records may exist in the same sheet and do not need to be imported separately.

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