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Can you Search Based on Specific Workflow Stage?
Can you Search Based on Specific Workflow Stage?

Learn how to query for contacts existing in a specific Recruiting Workflow Stage

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Does Crelate provide the ability to query based on contacts in a particular workflow stage?


Yes! Whether you're looking to find contacts you have already interviewed in the past or are looking to omni contacts you've spoken to recently from an upcoming Email Campaign, searching based on workflow stage is a powerful function in Crelate. Let's say a new job comes in your queue to fill and suddenly you need a qualified Sales candidate fast. Why not start with someone in your database who has already progressed through your candidate workflow in the past? With this option, you can not only opt to just search through, in this case, previous Sales opportunities, but you may also use the 'Stage' filter to look only for those candidates that may have progressed to a particular stage.

First, navigate to Search and select Go:

From here, select Advanced. After Adding a Filter you'll then have the ability to select On Opportunity.

From there, simply select the Opportunity and/or Stage you'd like. You may select multiple of each.

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