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Advanced Search in Crelate allows the ability to expose unique fields to ultimately improve your search performance.

While beginning with a Boolean search is certainly a great start, there are certainly other valuable data points that Crelate allows you to hone in on to focus your attention in the correct place.

Within Search, the Advanced option is located in the top right hand corner as depicted below.

With Advanced enabled, you may then add a filter to query through those unique fields (custom fields included!). Any custom field created will live towards the bottom under the Other category outside of a custom date field which will display in Dates.

We see several primary use cases among our customer base and will share those below! We'll move down the list from top to bottom.

1. Past Activity - The Past Activity option allows you to query through for specific activities that have occurred with your contacts. Let's say I'm looking to start an email campaign but I want to avoid contacts I've had certain events with in the past, you may select the specific activity as well as a time frame to only find those contacts you'd like to target.

2. Email + Phone Number - Do my contacts have an email address or phone number already on file? It's often common to look to clean up data or find those contacts that may be missing information that you'd like to source and update. Selecting the Email or Phone number fields and then selecting the cogwheel will allow you to search for contacts who either have 'any' data or 'no' data in that field. Meaning, do my contacts have an email/phone number, or do they not?

3. Crelate's 'Date' Fields - We offer a large variety of date fields that will allow you to query through your system based on Last Activity, Engagement, Reach Out, etc. For more on our date fields, check out the link here: Last Updated, Last Activity, Last Engagement and Other Date Fields

4. Activity Form Responses - Do you use Crelate's Activity Forms? If not, you definitely should (check out the link)! Let's say your team conducts an interview, and in the process, you ask targeted questions of the contact about contract dates, why their leaving their current employer, if they're willing to relocate, etc. Wouldn't it be great if on top of a Boolean search for all my - Sales Managers and Sales Executives - who live in Washington D.C., I could also query using the information these candidates have provided? With Activity Form Responses, you do have that option to search based on ANY question you have in your forms.

5. On Opportunity - Last but certainly not least, is the ability to search for qualified candidates who either are currently, or were previously, being considered for a job. Let's say a new job comes in your queue to fill and suddenly you need a qualified Sales candidate fast. Why not start with someone in your database who has already progressed through your candidate workflow in the past? With this option, you can not only opt to just search through, in this case, previous Sales opportunities, but you may also use the 'Stage' filter to look only for those candidates that may have progressed to a particular stage.

What's Next?

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