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How to send an individual email in Crelate.

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To send an email in Crelate, you must first have an established Email Connection. An email connection will ultimately allow you to connect your email account directly to Crelate. That way, an outbound email is being sent directly from your email address and your mail server.

**Please Note** Only contacts can be emailed. You are not able to email a company or an opportunity. The belief here is that you're attempting to email a person and we want to help link this outbound effort directly to that contact's profile.

Once established, navigate to a contact record. With your connection set up, you'll notice the Email icon on the new activity bar. This icon will only display to those users with established email connections.

From there, an email dialogue will display allowing you to compose and send an email directly to that contact or select from a pre-made template.

**Please Note** you must have a subject AND body in order to send an email. Until that time, the Send icon will remain grayed out.

What's Next?

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