What is a Company Record?

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A Company record in Crelate can serve a variety of purposes but is predominantly leveraged in two main ways:

  1. To affiliate with a contact record. Meaning I can add a company to a contact record so that I am aware of their employment both past and present.

  2. To affiliate to an Opportunity. This allows you to relate a company to a Job, Lead, Project or other opportunity to provide a high level overview surrounding what you are currently or planning to work on regarding that particular company.

There are 3 primary components when reviewing a company record:

  1. Company Tabs & Sub Tabs

    1. Tabs - With provide an overview of the general company summary and for Crelate Deliver customers, the ability to review timekeeping and billing summary details

    2. Sub Tabs:

      1. Summary: A general overview and the default view

      2. Related Clients: All current and former contacts who are employed by the company

      3. Related Candidates: All contacts who have been considered for a job requisition that this company had open

      4. Worksites: For Crelate Deliver customers, the allows the ability to add worksite details for contractor and temporary employees

  2. Related Opportunities

    1. This view will display all related opportunities that you have worked on or considered for this particular company. Customers may double click into an opportunity at any time to review specific details.

  3. Company Details

    1. This will display all details related to the company. While it is best served to list specific contact details on your Related Clients, you may also list general company contact information and details here as well.

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